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Thank you for your kind comments...

Those in the blue box are from our allnaturalbeauty.US site


"...you are truly a breath of fresh air...I feel completely devoted to your site...it's like a church in the woods that I've been looking for my whole life."

 D.M. - Baltimore, MD (6-12-03)


"What a beautifully designed website you have created!  Someone really put some thought into choosing soothing, inviting images.  I also like the variety of products you carry - it's especially nice to have them all at one website instead of accidentally finding them here and there while surfing the web."

Ann D. - Torrance CA (8-12-03)


"Thank you for offering this site, the more people become aware of the nasty ingredients in most "beauty products" the healthier the planet and all of us!"
Ruth Janes-Allen, LMT, RMP
Former owner of Organics for Massage (8-29-03)
"This is a great idea!! Thanks so much for creating a place to find this kind of natural product info all on one site!"

E.C. (9-1-03)

 "I enjoy the information on the E-News very much.  I think it's a great service to all ladies (and men)."
Robin (12-5-03)
"What a wonderful site you have. Have learnt a lot from it. Even bought products from some of the companies."
Meera - Pittsburg, PA (5-3-04)
"Very helpful and interesting website!!!!"

A.S. - (10-7-04)

"I just stumbled onto this, glanced over it, and immediately knew I HAD to read it. All I can say is WOW! What an enlightening, delightful and inspiring collection of wisdom!!"
Susan - Annapolis, MD (5-25-05)

"I don't know where to begin other than to say THANKS in a BIG WAY!!!..I am a 46yr old male in search of the perfect skin care line for my face....Before writing this e-mail I tried to remember all of the skin care lines I have used in the past 2-3 years....and the number is over 18!...They range from Anthony Logistics for Men to department store Orgins to internet  sites like Zenmed & Sircuit Skin.....If I listed them all it would make your head spin....I agree with your comment about buying into the illusion versus being well informed......Well in years past I have been disillusioned into thinking my products of the past were worth anything and would even produce some visible results......Now that those days are behind me I have started to utilize your websites recommendations and already begun my new search for the perfect skin care by purchasing some Aroma Bella products.....I have also ordered an intro kit from Evans Garden and can't wait to receive this as well....I have even sent many e-mails to Jakare and Farmaesthetics and they have all been very informative......I love this site....Great job to all !!!! I also will look forward to any new sites you recommend down the line.....Once again your web site ROCKS!!....Keep up the great work......"
Craig - Austin, TX (7-4-05)

"I just wanna say that your website is great lots of useful information..."
Christy L (8-24-05)


"Read your article on "Natural...Sorting Through the Mess", and was reminded of something that happened about 20 years ago.  My cousin was a chemist who worked in the fragrance industry in New Jersey.  She died from leukemia at the ripe old age of 27 from the exposure.  She was pregnant with her first child and lost the baby as well. 

I had a close friend who just died at the age of 47 from soft tissue sarcoma, 6 months after diagnosis...it's very rare in adults, unless you've been exposed to certain chemicals... one being the preservative in wood finishes.  He was an attorney and pharmacist who had a life long hobby of wood working.

I'm a nurse and fortunately (I think) get it.  We moved to a farm about 8 years ago and try our best to live naturally....I'm in the process of creating a line of  natural products.....thanks for all your great info. and for caring enough to share it so frankly.  Truly.  People like you are hard to find."

Sally (4-3-06)


"I am a 29-year old mother of three boys. I would like to commend your efforts on creating this kind of site. It is really very helpful and interesting, and the fact that most of the recipes are easy to do makes it a wonderful bonus."

Anne - Dubai, United Arab Emirates (5-30-06)


"I LOVE THE ANB WEBSITE AND FORUM ....it is so informative."

JFlinchum - North Carolina (1-23-07)



"Hi, love the site!..."

Alan - New Zealand (3-26-07)



Hi - I'm Jen and I'm a recent convert to the world of all-natural beauty products. I have always been a bit of an addict when it comes to perfumes and creams and cleansers and hair care products and I've spared no expense in collecting all this junk. I always thought the more I spent on beauty products the better they were for me, but the reality is that the high-dollar stuff has the same nasty chemicals that the cheap stuff has. I feel like such a fool now that my eyes are open!

I literally removed over a hundred pounds of chemical-laden products from my house this past weekend and am now working on replacing my household cleaning products with more natural versions. I'm excited and motivated to be making these changes. It just FEELS right.

This website has been a wonderful resource for me. The articles and manufacturer spotlights do a lot to inspire confidence that I have found a GENUINE source for truly natural products and I just couldn't be happier. I've already ordered from several of the featured manufacturers here and look forward to sampling stuff from everyone (beauty product addict, remember?).

I have a lot to learn, but I know I've made some good first steps to leading a healthier lifestyle. THANK YOU!

Jen Gagnon - Aguanga, California (4-30-07)



Thank GOD I found your site! I developed a scent sensitivity after getting Whooping Cough in 2005. My life is horrible and I can't get anyone to understand what I'm going through...even my husband says "I'm too sensitive". I told him, yes, you are right - I am!!! I have even had to stop going to church. My workplace will not accommodate me and I'm at my wits end. Life sure stinks!!!!!!!! Well, at least with this site, I know I'm not crazy. Thank you a million times for all this info.
Chris M. - New Jersey (6-9-07)



I was just browsing through your recipes and all I can say is YUMMY... Keep up the good work FANTASTIC

 Bianca - Krugersdorp - south africa (6-22-07)



...thanks for such a great site!

fondly, cimera - California (7-22-07)



I got my driver's license renewed this a.m. I have NEVER been happy with my driver's license pic. Now at 65, this is the best picture I ever had on there! It's GOT to be the all natural skincare. :) I look 'older', of course from 2002, but my skin looks amazing in comparison from the 2002 DL. I was using all natural 2002 but not to the extent I am now. And since I've been using Grateful Body, I think I can attribute quite a bit to that. If you want to view how you age, look at your DL pics over the years. lol.......My eyes look 'older', but I like to say they look like a woman of profound and deep wisdom rather than "old". lol. After 49 years of driver's license pics to put up with, I FINALLY am pleased with one! :) Another one of many reasons to continue with the all natural routine!

JFlinchum - North Carolina (9-11-07)

(used with permission from the anb Forum)


Wow, What a fantastic web-site you have!!!

I have just been introduced to the reality of the chemicals and toxic ingredients I have been using on my face, hair and body - Of course due to being mis-led by consumers, and also because the products were expensive and had a well known trade name stamped across the front that they were doing my skin good.

Over they past couple of days I have been searching the web for - Natural-Organic skin treatments and although some are very convincing and sound wonderful e.g. Aubrey Hampton is a true godsend - However I put 5 of his products in my basket to find it was going to come to well over 70 - so with my tail between my legs I started to place them back on the shelves - there was no-way I could afford this stuff.

So I decided to buy 2 x avocados instead and made my own moisturiser (I heard through the grapevine that it was good for the skin) .... So, I added a little honey and a few drops of lemon and started slapping it on... I then wondered if there were any other receipes I could use... and to my amazment I came across your site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you..... for making it a lot easier for me to stay beautiful, naturally and free from hazardous chemicals whilst helping me save my money for things I have no "choice" to spend out on.

Nicola Hope - Kent, South-East England (2-16-08)


I won the anbPortal prize pack on Shop With A Vengeance blogspot. It came in the mail today and I am delighted. I'm having so much fun with all the sensational products I got.Just wanted to let you know and to say "THANK YOU SO MUCH -I LOVE EVERYTHING!" I'll be telling my friends & family about your company!

S. Cattrell - North Carolina, USA (6-16-08)


  we love your site!

E.W. - Organic Beauty Shop in Knutsford in the heart of Cheshire, UK (6-22-09)

  ...Let me also say I have probably purchased ( both big and small ) from every spotlight featured company and have always had positive experiences in both product and customer service.

Sincerely, Grace B (12-3-09)

  I liked your site.

Rob Miller (3-7-11)

  I spent hours on allnaturalbeauty.com last night -- I've been looking for something like this for years! I use only truly natural and organic products, so it's great to be part of this community now.

Thank you for all that you do,

SBT, Atlanta, GA (4-24-11)

  I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found the ANB mall! The samplers are amazing and each one I've received has been full of the greatest products and wrapped with such detail and beauty. I love having a one stop place for natural beauty products that I can trust!

Kim (2-9-12)


  Because of the ANB site I have tried products from Shear Miracles, Ferro and Evan's Garden. Thank you.

V. Martinez (6-5-12)



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