Meet the All Natural Beauty Experts in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Natural Skin Care, Soap and Soap Making, Candles and Candle Making, Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Ingredients

Meet the All Natural Beauty Experts

Herbal Beauty and Aromatherapy Expert - Jeanne Rose
Herbal Beauty & Aromatherapy

Jeanne Rose - is an herbalist/aromatherapist who changed the current practice of American herbalism when she began her public work in 1969 with the publication of her first book, Herbs & Things, Jeanne Rose's Herbal. She began her herbal career in California as an undergraduate with studies in botany and science and a degree from San Jose State College. She went on to graduate work in Marine Biology and Ecology. In 1969, she wrote the first modern book of Herbalism, Herbs & Things. She taught herbs and aromatherapy at the University of California Extension throughout the 1970s and privately throughout the United States. She has lived in San Francisco since 1967 and established a herbal/aromatic garden and study center. Becoming concerned about the environment and the production of aromatic plants, she organized the aromatherapy industry and a group, The Aromatic Plant Project, to support local and organic production of aromatic plants; to provide resources for growers and distillers; to ensure high quality aromatherapy products and to educate consumers as to the appropriate and beneficial uses of these aromatic products.

Rose is the author of over 20 books, including Herbs & Things, The Herbal Body Book, The Aromatherapy Book, and Jeanne Rose's Herbal Guide to Food, and she has taught herbs, aromatherapy and distillation extensively throughout the U.S. She organized and was President of the first large Aromatherapy organization in the United States, NAHA, and speaks widely at many other events and conferences. She teaches distillation techniques for quality essential oils throughout various parts of the world. The word, 'hydrosol' as used for the waters of distillation, was first used and put in place by Jeanne Rose in 1990.



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Natural and Organic Skin Care Expert - Alexandra Avery
Natural Skin Care

Alexandra Avery - is a licensed Esthetician who has been researching and practicing natural approaches to skin care over the last twenty years. Alexandra believes that treating the skin with plant oils is a form of communion with Nature. She employs the healing and rejuvenating properties of plant essences to nourish, scent and preserve her formulas.

Alexandra developed a completely natural system of skin care products based on the purifying and nourishing essential oils used in ancient Egyptian cosmetics and mummification processes. Her family organic farm provides the herbal and floral base for her products.

Alexandra now enjoys taking care of her guests at her new Hawaii day spa and perfume studio, The Scent Atelier. Alexandra Avery Purely Natural Body Care (now called 'Au Naturel Botanicals') has received national awards for product purity and integrity. The line has consistently received top ratings in Shopping For A Better Planet, a consumers guide to conscious shopping. Alexandra especially enjoys speaking and writing on the benefits of Aromatherapy and natural skin care practices. She is the author of 'Aromatherapy And You - A Guide to Natural Skin Care'', which has been in the ANB Spotlight.



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Soap, Soap Making and Candle, Candle Making Expert - Jacki Ramsey
Soap & Candles

Jacquelyn Ramsey - president, founder and formulator at WoodSprite Organic Body, began concocting her own natural skincare products in her apartment kitchen only as a hobby many years ago, though she never expected it would soon become a fully fledged, blooming business. Very sensitive to chemical and synthetically-based commercial products, and being a bit of a researcher, she looked to time-honored herbal methods to cleanse, moisturize, tone and heal ailments of the skin using totally natural ingredients. Soon, family and friends were using her vibrant, 100% chemical-free treatments. Word spread and she began to sell her herbal creations through local art shows and summer festivals, which lead to sales to boutiques and spas around the world. Now, more than 12 years after establishing WoodSprite, she manages the business full-time and continues to research, develop and consult as well as offering an ever-expanding line of fine organic skin care and spa treatments for the discerning customer.

Creating natural candles and soap is an important part of Jacquelyn's business as well as a hobby which brings great satisfaction. She enjoys sharing her expertise with you so that your own creations will turn out successfully. With her years of research and experimentation, she is also happy to answer your questions about what makes one soap or type of candle better than another and which type will work best for your needs.



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Natural and Organic Hair Care Expert - Robyn Atticks
Natural Hair Care

Robyn Atticks - has been a professional hairstylist for over 20 years. Already living a healthy, organic lifestyle, she soon became aware of the many dangers in the beauty industry. As she continued her studies, she learned critical information on the detrimental affects of chemicals in most hair & skin products. In 2005, she decided to open the first organic salon in her area (Lancaster, PA). As she tried out the few truly organic hair care products, she became increasingly discouraged at the lack of a salon-quality line to promote in her salon. Some she found still had dangerous ingredients while others were outrageously expensive and not affordable to the average consumer.

Taking matters into her own hands with her husband, Don right by her side, she hired a passionate organic formulator who has been an expert herbalist since the 1960’s. Combining her experience as a stylist and her formulator’s experience as a naturalist & herbalist, a new salon-quality product line was born for hair, skin, and body care.

Robyn is enthusiastically trying to change the beauty industry forever, thereby helping make a difference in the lives of her clients and clients around the world who deserve healthy products!



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Cosmetic Chemist and Ingredients Expert - Ivana Knezevic
Cosmetic Ingredients

Ivana Knezevic - was born in Yugoslavia, where she graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Belgrade. As Ivana told us in her Personality Spotlight, "By the time I graduated, my decision was only confirmed and interest piqued further. During those years I grew tremendously – I became a vegetarian and remain one to this day, I learnt about animal testing, studied about healing properties of plants, learnt technology of producing pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, developed a true fascination with physiology of living beings and got completely hooked on my own ideas."

She worked for a time as a pharmacist, where she compounded formulas and was encouraged by a wonderful mentor that believed in her and her enthusiasm to become a cosmetic formulator. She immigrated to Toronto, Canada where she still resides with her daughter and runs her company, i2 by Ivana K. She worked very hard to develop this very special line. Says Ivana, "I believe that this kind of product is far superior to both commercial style products and simple preparations, which are limited in their scope. Basically, I took the term ‘active ingredients’ and applied it to the entire formulation. Everything in my creams is beneficial to the skin, and yet, they have a truly unique, luxurious feeling. To that end, I’ve spent years developing the formulas that I would be satisfied with."

 My marketing concept is not new, but is rarely used in North America – I maintained the compounding traditions of Europe, where chemists were not anonymous and away, but real persons, who applied their knowledge and experience to what they did, and were also available to talk to, and explain things. People can reach my by phone or email, even in person, with questions or comments, I welcome them all.


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Mineral Makeup Expert - Teporah
Mineral Makeup



Deborah Bilezikian - (known as Teporah) is the founder of Monave Mineral Cosmetics, a natural makeup company based in Baltimore, MD. Teporah is an artist, handcrafter, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She bases her business on an ideological decision to fight against the toxic culture that pervades our modern world.

 She believes that knowledge is the key to understanding how to improve our quality of life, from the eyeliner we use to the way we design our lives. She tirelessly supports women entrepreneurs, teaching them that financial independence and a healthy family life are not exclusive, but are the benefits of successful business ownership.

Teporah's handmade products have won such prestigous accolades as the 'Beauty with a Conscience' awards, and Monave is a proud member of PETA, the Indie Beauty Network, All Natural Beauty, and one of the original signers of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. She is a formulator, makeup artist, business consultant, and mom.




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Eco Living & Natural Beauty Formulating - Li Wong
Eco Living & Natural Beauty Formulating
Li Wong -  is the founder and formulator of Earth Alkemie. You may already know Li through her 'Eco Living' articles at our ANB Mall where she has her own 'Green' column. As Li said recently, "(Being an ANB Expert) would be a great way to give a more direct line of access for any eco living related questions that people may have. They can ask their questions about a wide range of eco topics: from environmental issues, how to live a more green life style, questions about the recipes, DIY skin care, questions about conservation, green house cleaning, organic standards in cosmetics, vegetarianism, and more. Basically anything green under the sun!" Through Li's  all-natural beauty company, Earth Alkemie, she formulates an outstanding array of products ranging from skin care to natural perfume to cosmetics. She prides herself in creating products that are effective, and each ingredient makes a difference. She's gotten quite a reputation for not only the high quality of each item, but the luscious scents of her skin care as well. Please feel free to ask natural perfumery questions of Li as well. We do have an aromatherapy expert, so make sure that you direct your perfumery questions directly to Li if this is who you want to answer your question.

Li has a B.A. in Environmental studies/biology and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. She has studied a wide range of ecological and plant related topics including biology/botany, ethnobotany (the cosmetic and medicinal uses of plants in indigenous cultures), conservation, and organic standards in cosmetics. Other environmental interests include mammals, urban wildlife, public perception, human-wildlife conflicts, and local environmental issues. She has also been formulating all-natural beauty care for over a decade and is happy to help you with your DIY formulating.

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Li's Blog - Solarkat's Eco Blog

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